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How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind

From Cracked:

cracked America voting map 2016 How Half Of America Lost Its F king Mind


The rural folk with the Trump signs in their yards say their way of life is dying, and you smirk and say what they really mean is that blacks and gays are finally getting equal rights and they hate it. But I'm telling you, they say their way of life is dying because their way of life is dying. It's not their imagination. No movie about the future portrays it as being full of traditional families, hunters, and coal mines. Well, except for Hunger Games, and that was depicted as an apocalypse.

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The article makes several good points, namely:

1. Every state has blue and red majorities, corresponding roughly to cities and non-cities.

2. Non-cities are by far the geographic majority.

3. We're going to have to figure out how to heal post-election. How do we bring everyone together?

We could all use less stress:

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