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7 tips for becoming more self-aware

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Self-awareness is a feedback loop. The key is to start that feedback.

1. Understand conditioning

Over the years, we all have become conditioned by our religion, our education, our parents, our family, our society, and our environment. All of those things are consistently putting messages into our minds; we then react based on the ideas and thoughts we have in our mind.

Understand that the things that have been put into our heads are what make us think and act a certain way. Becoming self-aware of the conditioning we are receiving is one of the most critical things we can do and we've got to start to reverse that conditioning.


4. Set boundaries

Many people do not know how to set boundaries and they get themselves in more and more trouble. This is an oversight that successful people make that keeps them from achieving their goals. Most people do not have enough boundaries in their lives to keep themselves focused on the task at hand.

5. Stay focused

It's crucial that you stay focused on what you are going after. This is why I wrote the Sacred 6 process. This is about getting a game plan together, becoming self-aware of why you are not achieving or living the life you are looking to live, finding what is getting in your way, and then making the changes you need to make.

6. Embrace your intuition

One of the most important things we can do is understand our intuition at a deep level. You have to trust your intuition. Stop second-guessing yourself, and start building your faith in your intuition again.

Don't let the AI's see!

Don't let them see his to be self aware?

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