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Five Keys to Happiness That LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Lives By, from Ray Chambers, as told to Oprah, SuperSoul Sunday

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Above: In 75 seconds Jeff Weiner shares his philosophy of happiness with Oprah.

Ray Chambers is a mentor of Jeff's. Ray was the master of leveraged buyouts on Wall Street and he gave it all up to spend time with philosophers and Buddhist monks. He decided he needed to be of service to others and began a life of extreme philanthropy, including combating malaria:

Ray concluded that there are 5 keys to happiness:

1. Be in the moment.

2. It's better to be loving than to be right.

3. Be a spectator to your own thoughts, especially when you become emotional, which is fundamental to compassion.

4. Be grateful for at least one thing every day.

5. Be of service to others.

Ray Chambers on being a spectator to your own thoughts:

What makes Jeff happy:

It’s taken me over 40 years to realize what makes me happy — simply put, it’s looking forward to going to work in the morning, and looking forward to coming home at night. Applying the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in both facets of my life to the integrated whole, and not taking anything or anyone for granted, is one of the most important ways I can make that happiness an enduring reality.


How Jeff Weiner's wife Lisette Derouaux opened his eyes to a more meaningful life:

"Being happy... Being kind... These were not things I was spending a lot of energy thinking about or manifesting."

"Being so close to someone... Being able to connect with someone... Being able to share someone... It's a complete game changer."

It's like the Jerry Maguire line. He wanted to be better for Lisette.

She brought meaning to his life. 

It's a spiritual partnership and he's incredibly grateful to her for it. 

The most important lesson Jeff Weiner learned as CEO of LinkedIn:

In business sometimes you are faced with difficult decisions.

One of the biggest mistakes managers make is leaving them in positions they are no longer suited for.

Sometimes you have to move someone, even if it's moving them out.

Jeff Weiner calls this "to not leave a pitcher in a game for too long." Stars want to stay in.

In 20 years as a manager not once has someone come to him and said they can't do their job.

How do you manage this compassionately?

You see their body language. They slump their shoulders, their voice gets weaker. They lose confidence. They lose their sense of self.

The most compassionate thing to do is to say this is not working out and give them a timetable.

It's a question of how much time you're going to give them and how much work you're going to put in.

Jeff Weiner shares the six core values of LinkedIn:

1. LinkedIn members come first.

2. Relationships matter in a social platform with a professional context.

3. Be open, honest, and constructive. Not just transparency, which can create conflicts.

4. We demand excellence. We achieve results. We exceed our own expectations.

5. We expect people to act like owners.

6. We want our team to take intelligent risks.

Culture and reinforcing these values begin with leadership.

They can be an incredible competitive advantage.

Jeff Weiner on love: "That was a complete game changer."

"I lacked any semblance of balance before I met my wife... I was very intense."

He might have been successful but he wasn't happy.

The moment Jeff Weiner vowed to become a more passionate leader:

Find a mirror and express that frustration to yourself.

You are responsible for managing other people.

Understand what motivates them, their hopes, their dreams, their fears.

The one quality that differentiates a leader from a manager:

Management is telling somebody what to do.

Leadership is inspiring them to do it.

Inspiration comes from three places:

1. The clarity of one's vision.

2. The courage of one's conviction.

3. The ability to effectively communicate both of those things. 

Organizations need to cultivate and develop these practices to get the most out of their people.

Jeff Weiner 10 Rules for success:

1. Believe in your vision.

2. Manage passionately.

3. Know your goal.

4. Know your audience.

5. Understand your environment.

6. Make a difference.

7. Unleash creative energy.

8. Inspire other people.

9. Be a spectator of your thoughts.

10. Anything is possible. It's all about knowing what you want to accomplish.

Jeff Weiner on making the right career connection:

Talent is our number one operating priority.

We heavily invest in our culture and values.

Your LinkedIn profile a way to put your professional brand out there.

Your experiences, your skills, and your ambitions.

Referrals are the number one way people find work.

Getting inside the park is half the battle. 

Jeff Weiner on taking care of yourself:

Wisdom 2.0.

To manage effectively, work out, eat properly, get a good night's sleep.

His wife got her a trainer to keep him motivated working out 3 days a week.

When he's working out properly, he's sleeping properly.

When he sleeps properly, he is able to connect the dots.

Managing effectively and coaching people and being there for individuals takes a lot of energy.

I'm hungry to learn more.



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