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Things We Learned in 2016

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1. The world’s most-used natural resource (apart from water and air) is sand — and it’s disappearing.

Still amazing that sand is disappearing. 

3. One minute of all-out exercise may provide the benefits of 45 minutes of moderate exertion.

Not for weight loss, only for cardio.

Good point.

It also seems like what we eat affects weight loss more than how much we exercise.

5. $8,600. That’s how much more annually travel rewards credit cardholderswould have to spend on travel to earn more than they could with a cash-back card.

9. Deep in our solar system’s outer reaches, there could be a hidden planet. If it’s there, it could explain why our solar system is tilted.

10. Thirteen of the 14 contestants in Season 8 of “The Biggest Loser” have regained weight in the six years since the competition, and four are heavier now than before the contest. The results show why the body fights back hard against major weight loss.

My least fave.

11. About 70 percent of Americans think granola bars are healthy. Less than 30 percent of nutritionists agree.

16. A team’s success (at work) isn’t driven by the IQ or talent of its individuals, but its culture and interpersonal relationships.

18. There are health benefits to knitting.

20. Our belief in the power of breakfast is based on misinterpreted research and poor studies.

25. Long-distance running may be the best exercise for your brain.

26. American men in the top 1 percent in income live 15 years longer than the poorest 1 percent; for women, the gap is 10 years.

31. Meditation can change your brain.

32. You can weigh 119 pounds and have Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and fatty liver — all the problems of a very obese person.

33. Giraffes have been keeping a secret from us for a long time: They’re really four different species, not one.

34. The Greenland shark lives at least 272 years and it could live as long as 512 years. That makes it the oldest living thing with a backbone on Earth.

35. Freezing your coffee beans can actually make your cup of coffee tastier.

36. Earth is old. The sun is old. But do you know what may be even older than both? The water we drink.

38. What does it sounds like when two black holes collide a billion light years away? Scientists learned this year, and you’ve never heard a more beautiful chirp.

39. In 1940, a child born into the average American household had a 92 percent chance of making more money than his or her parents. For Americans born in 1980 – today’s 36-year-olds – that figure dropped to 50 percent.

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