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Carrie Fisher in When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Source: YouTube Video

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Interesting to see young Carrie Fisher there.

But GEEZ this song is creepy (and borderline illegal?) in 2016, dontchathink?


Glad I'm not the only one who sees it.

I really like that When Harry Met Sally scene, Geege.

Carrie has better comedic timing than I realized.

RIP Carrie.

As far as I'm concerned, she will always have great timing IN the movie.

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon at Carrie Fisher's Home. 

Oh this is wonderful!

Accoring to a TV interview, she and James Earl Jones never met during all the Star Wars filmings. His time was in a sound booth.

Oh I had no idea! That's funny. James Earl Jones is funny...

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