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How A School Becomes A Startup Whisperer | EdSurge News

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"You can learn a lot by the questions that entrepreneurs will bring to a meeting. More than one eager edtech entrepreneur has asked us crazy questions. Among them:

Questions that border on the ridiculous: “Can you just ask 1,000 of your teachers to sign in with us? Our second round of funding is next week!”

Wishful-thinking proposals: A bid to work with all 34 of our schools when we suggested starting with one classroom;

Postured hyperbolic promises: “We’re more rigorous than the Common Core”;

Unrealistic professional development plans: “We’ll need two full days to train your teachers”;

Generally unreasonable requests: These include wanting floor space in our offices, access to all our student data, a full day devoted to giving them feedback and our favorite: “Can you take notes while I talk to your principal and email them back to us?”"

sounds like a lack of experience problem displayed by the entrepreneurs

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