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The Histories Of 11 Super Famous Logos, From Apple To Levi's

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Warning: If you click through you'll see a NSFW Levi's ad from the 70s.

Logos are iconic action of brands:

Starting as early as age three, kids can recognize and match logos to their respective brands, whether the Disney Channel or Camel. Since we’re surrounded by them every day, brand marks form an indelible part of our collective visual memory. And while they may seem like immutable features of the cultural landscape, they actually evolve with changing times, as companies pour millions of dollars into rebranding efforts in the hopes of appealing to current tastes. Logo Life (BIS Publishers), a new book by Ron van der Vlugt, compiles the stories behind 100 famous logos, from Apple and Adidas to Nike and Volkswagen, providing graphic histories of some of the world’s most influential companies.

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