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Jon Stewart Proposes an Entrepreneurial Policy. Don't Laugh. -

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Good idea of bad idea?

"What we need to do in this country is make it a softer cushion for failure. Because what they say is the job creators need more tax cuts and they need a bigger payoff on the risk that they take. … But what about the risk of, you’re afraid to leave your job and be an entrepreneur because that’s where your health insurance is? … Why aren’t we able to sell this idea that you don’t have to amplify the payoff of risk to gain success in this country, you need to soften the damage of risk?"

There's already such a policy.. it's ingrained into our law: Limited Liability.

I believe he was talking of a policy to soften it more than.

And specifically he's talking about people not starting something new because they don't want to lose their healthcare coverage.

I've long been of the opinion that employer's shouldn't be paying for health insurance. Just as health care is too important for the government to cock it up, it's also too important to be left to the purview of an organization which has a fiduciary responsibility to behave sociopathically towards it's employees. Also, for employer-based insurance, the customer IS NOT YOU (and what do we know about what we are when we're not the customer?).

I would rather have my employer pay my dues to a Developer's Guild or Union of my choosing, which would then provide me with life assistance services like health insurance.

Do there currently exist pooled healthcare groups for engineers who want coverage?

There are some grassroots movements that focus on this.

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