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Thiel in Talks to Invest in Airbnb at $2.5 Billion Valuation -

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Certainly different than the Facebook investment, no!?

I like Peter thiel. He's gutsy.

Is it gutsier to invest in something new that is just getting started, or something that has been around for a while at a high valuation?

Both are equally gutsy, because he could lose his shirt in either situation. I have the sense Thiel only invests in things he truly believes in, no matter the valuation. That's the gutsy part, whether the company is valued at $4.9m (Facebook) or $2.5bn (AirBNB).

In both those cases he was betting only a small amount of his worth.

It would be like you or me betting $10 on a company.

I could do that! Man, he has a lot of money.

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