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A few tidbits about happiness:

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We're lazy when it comes to making ourselves happy and we end up losing out because of it. Active leisure makes us happier than passive leisure.

Don't sacrifice everything for success, thinking it will make you happy. Be happy now and it is very likely to lead you to success. This is not self-helpy wishful thinking. It's true.

Optimism is so powerful that hiring people based on that quality *alone* can, at times, be a brilliant strategy.

Don't let the difficulty of trying to be happy make you unhappy. There are simple tricks that work very quickly.

It takes a while to stop being annoyed by optimistic, happy people, and instead see optimism and happiness as a strategy.

In Make Your Own Luck we noted how optimism correlates with luck.

I'm fully convinced that these things -- Happiness, Optimism, Luck, Success -- are all interconnected.

If you think it, you're more likely to become it. That's the law of inclusion.

That reminds me of this line from Violeta Meyners:

What we think, we become, right? Social media is a perfect mirror to reflect how we show up in the world! You are what you post.....!!!

You are what you post. If you're posting things that are optimistic and happy, you're more likely to be lucky and successful.

Thanks, Adam! These are all awesome gems:)

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