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WSOP 2012 October Nine Results

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Seven hours later, 6 of the October 9 were eliminated:

9. Steven Gee

8. Rob Salaburu

7. Michael Esposito

6. Andras Koroknai

5. Jeremy Ausmus

4. Russell Thomas

Still remaining these three players compete on 10/30:

Jesse Sylvia

Jake Balsiger

Greg Merson

Anyone want to wager?

No, but this final is crazy!

All three are still in after 266 hands and this could go all night!

Live coverage:

Geez, they went until 6 in the morning.

On the 399th hand of the night, Greg Merson's King high beat Jesse Sylvia's Queen and Jack of Spades with a deal of nothing.

An hour earlier, Greg Metson's King-Queen off beat Jake Balsinger's Queen-10 off in hand 382.

Until that point it was very close -- Merson 92.7 million chips, Sylvia 84.9, Balsinger 20.6.

This finals was the longest grind I've ever seen in a finals.

And to the person who asked "Who are these people who spend six hours in front of the TV?" ... I guiltily reply "Er."

You multitask. You do other stuff while it plays in the background. ;)

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