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Bush's FEMA Katrina Director Criticizes Obama For Responding To Sandy Too Quickly | ThinkProgress

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"However, Brown’s comments carry a special irony due to the role he played during the Hurricane Katrina debacle in 2005. As director of FEMA during the legendarily botched response, Brown, famously dubbed “Brownie” by President Bush, was in the center of criticism from both sides of the aisle that the Bush administration was too slow to respond. An internal review by the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector-General following the disaster concluded, “Much of the criticism is warranted.” Brown resigned from his position as director less than two weeks after Katrina hit."

Here's what one report had to say on his job "responding too slowly" to Katrina;

"And here is the author’s conclusion:

The tale of Hurricane Katrina as a massive failure of government at multiple levels is a widely accepted one, even among people normally not inclined to point the finger of blame at government.


When placed next to FEMA’s failures, the largely untold but very clear story of Wal-Mart’s success illustrates the advantages the private sector has in managing the logistical challenge of resource allocation during a natural disaster


A political economy perspective on Wal-Mart’s heroic performance strongly challenges the belief that with more will, resources, or expertise, government could ever respond effectively to a major disaster...

Read more:"

This sounds like an Onion headline. It can't possibly be true. The FEMA director who oversaw Katrina criticizing the President for responding too quickly. ..It cannot be

There are many conservatives who believe FEMA should be privatized.

Too bad for them Sandy happened; they've lost all political support for that.

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