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Why Nintendo Should Look more like Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify

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Does this appeal to so many folks? Would you buy Wii U over an iPad mini? I don't think so:

Here's Nintendo's future business model: innovate or die. I hope they are working on their next generation console; because the Wii U will not garner the sales for which they hope, and the company is bleeding cash like a deer gutted by a hunter.

What Nintendo can do; however, is go towards a model like Spotify, Netflix, or Amazon Kindle (app, not hardware). Perhaps Amazon is actually the best model, if they can continue to produce great hardware like the original Wii

How this works: Nintendo continues or discontinues to build hardware; it's not clear to me how the Gameboy or Wii U will fare, but let's argue that they'll get cash-flow positive and resume profitability.

When you buy a Nintendo Gameboy or Wii game, you get access to a mobile (or complete) version of that game on any device -- iOS, Android, or Windows.

Alternately, you could pay a monthly subscription fee ($7-$9 per month) and have unlimited access to the Wii/Game Boy titles published and created by Nintendo, e.g. Mario, Zelda, Wario, Wii Fit and the like.

Would I buy the Wii U as an average consumer? No. I'd wait for the Xbox 720 or next-generation Sony console --- or better yet, buy an Apple TV or Nexus Q (near-future, we're thinking here) that provides access to the hundreds of games being created exclusively for those consoles. Or perhaps the Ouya or Steam Box.

However, Nintendo's games themselves are legendary. Mario Kart. Zelda. Yoshi's World. We could go on and on and on; folks would almost certainly pay a monthly sub fee AND/OR want to access those titles on other systems when they purchase them for Wii or WII u.

They have to be willing to cannabalize to advance into the next 25 years, in my opinion.

They could start with the Amazon Kindle hardware + app approach, where games you would buy on your Nintendo Wii or Wii U, would be able to access on your other mobile devices or even PC devices using Steam or direct-to PC/Mac download; and eventually pivot towards a Netflix or Spotify model. They'd start with their own library, and eventually work to include all Nintendo games published on their Wii and Wii U.

Write once, publish everywhere; with some UI/game play modifications.


You're right, I'd rather have an iPad mini.

Why was Nintendo so insistent on staying in the console business?

I'm not sure; even Shiggy is in favor of mobile games.

I think they're "sticking to their guns."

Nintendo Gameboy.... I believe you mean 3DS. I can't recall exactly where, but I read Nintendo said they would first stop making games before going third party.

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