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Twitter is the street. Facebook is the mall. ~@GreatDismal William Gibson

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Great interview with William Gibson.

I had originally attributed the "Twitter is street, Facebook is mall" quote to Neal Stephenson, so I'm glad I found the source.

In this interview Gibson explains why he loves Twitter but is meh on Facebook.

Here's the paragraph I like so much:

I’ve taken to Twitter like a duck to water. Its simplicity allows the user to customize the experience with relatively little input from the Twitter entity itself. I hope they keep it simple. It works because it’s simple. I was never interested in Facebook or MySpace because the environment seemed too top-down mediated. They feel like malls to me. But Twitter actually feels like the street. You can bump into anybody on Twitter.

I think that's what makes Twitter compelling to this day.

Never know who you might hear from.

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