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As of April 2012, Facebook had no woman on its Board.

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58% of Facebook users are women.

62% of the sharing on Facebook comes from women.

60% of Zynga users on Facebook are women.

71% of daily fan activity on Facebook comes from women.

0% of Facebook's Board of Directors is women.

Only 11.3% of the Fortune 500 had male-only Boards last year.

So Ultraviolet made a petition we should sign: "This problem is easily solvable -- there are countless qualified women, and it's smart business to have women on Facebook's board. But Facebook isn't going to act unless there's an outcry."

Meanwhile, Sheryl Sandberg goes home every day at 5:30.

Even though she regularly speaks out against how women are being kept out of power positions.

BusinessInsider nails it: "So while Facebook is making a bundle selling ads to women, it is downright shameful that Facebook couldn't find a single woman board member to help advise it."

In your face, Facebook.

I know someone who has binders of women ....

Ha. He is no longer relevant.

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