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Bikes prove their value in post-hurricane New York

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Cycling becomes a mass phenomenon when it is faster, cheaper, and more convenient than the alternatives. For the first time in a long time, with the shutdown of all subway lines during Hurricane Sandy, we see this happening in New York City.

And here is a video of the hurricane that was shot by people on bikes. It is SO DANGEROUS to ride in the dark, even with no cars, because you can't see the road at all...

it's cool to see that video, but that was fantastically stupid of them to take that risk.

No matter how dangerous, seems like there's always someone doing it.

Playing it safe is risky.

A well-known cyclist from Copenhagen points out in this article that transportation is still fundamentally about "get from point A to point B" -- not exercise or environmentalism. It took a massive disruption of infrastructure to make this the case in even the most dense-populated of American cities.

The most concerning trend to me is that this is only the beginning of the end of our coast lines; caribbean islands will continue to face massive devastation, folks who live by the coast around the world will be in massive danger; perhaps this is not *new* in history or related to global warming, however I think we'll need our greatest minds to come up with new plans for our cities.

I mean, NYC rebuilds and THEN what. They're still basically in the water. Like New Orleans before it, and all the other eastern seaboard major cities.

Not all of NYC, just the south part is in the water, including Staten Island.

This is 2012, (the year the world ends).

I believe it'll only get worst, after speaking with major Climatologists. And not just from freak-storms, simply from the sea and ocean level rising.

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