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The most retweeted tweet of all time:

Never be afraid
12:34 PM Oct 14 2012

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I was looking at favstar's list of all-time top most favorited tweets.

Number one is Red Bull  @SpaceJumping daredevil Felix Baumgartner, who tweeted,

Never be afraid.

12k favs, 28k retweets, No fear.

Btw the #2 of all time according to favstar is Toy Story's Woody tweeting on the toilet. Meh.

Awesome growth hack: Do something that's never been done before.

Once again, Red Bull demonstrates how savvy they are at marketing.

Well played, sirs.

red bull funny spacejump

See also: Felix Baumgartner freefall gifs.

Felix is a pretty good marketer himself... mmm... not bad.


I love Felix Baumgartner memes!

Oh, so you think gravity is a theory? Challenge accepted.

felix baumgartner meme

Compare with the most popular Tumblr post of all time.

The most retweeted tweet spreads courage, whereas the most reblogged tumblr post spreads dislike.

Courage is hope. Twitter is hope for the future...? Facebook is nostalgia for the past.

Redbull are brilliant marketers.

Red Bull really is brilliant. They sponsor events that naturally have buzz.

Double props.

One for me, one for Tumblr?

Ha ha yes.

I knew that Bieber had to be the most retweeted w/o even looking:

Thanks for finding that, the tweet at the start of this page is the most FAVORITED tweet of all time, NOT the most retweeted.

So Bieber tweeting "I'm sexy and I know it" being the most retweeted tweet ever demonstrates that Twitter is a shallow, superficial platform. Other top ten moments include Instagram and Dropbox tweeting something clever and something promotional, and Adam Levine wondering why to call her Maybe when Carly is a beautiful name.

The hilarious thing is that each of those "Instagram" accounts are actually Instagram parody accounts.

instagram parody

Dropbox, I think, doesn't appear to have a weakness moving into the next five years; they generate $250m revenue (reported) in 2011, they have 60m users (reported), and they continue to come up with clever growth hacks/marketing techniques. Just look at the college "space race." Google Drive, in my opinion, was 5 years too late to offer true competition.

The Instagram parody accounts are funny but they get old fast.

Dropbox's weakness if it happens likely comes from one of three areas: pricing pressure, security problems, or something damages their brand.

I don't foresee 1 being a problem; 2 is indeterminable, and #3 I highly doubt it.

Therefore #2 is most likely, in my opinion although technically #2 would cause #3.

The more files are in Dropbox, the more incentive hackers have to hack it.

Google "Dropbox Security Issues". They've had issues in the past and this has damaged their brand to some. While they have persevered it clearly is a high-risk in this field.

Fantastic, but when jumping out of a flying object from outer space, I'm going to go with "Be very, very afraid."

It also shows how brilliant marketing can convince people of something that is not true; technically he did not jump from "outer" space or space at all really, but the brilliant RedBull marketing has convinced everyone that he was jumping from space.

Labels are easily viralized, like Space Jump and Obamacare.

A 23-mile free fall is as close to a space jump as humans have come.

1. I'm still not jumping from 23 miles. Heck, I won't even run 23 miles on flat ground. That's why I bought a car. (10 miles, okay..23, nope)

2. Red Bull is brilliant. Too bad I can't pronounce the first half of the ingredients, and if I drink them the second half will kill me. I'm going to stick with the "way too much coffee" approach.

3. Yes, Regina, everyone's trying to coin the next viral headline:) I'm going to stop my hobby of trying to get involved in the back of everyone's family pictures at public locations and see how many viral headlines I can coin in a calendar year.

"Way Too Much Coffee" would be a great name for a rock band.


So, don't ruin it for me.  You are saying he didn't really jump from space and Obama doesn't really care?

He did and he does.

Red Bull is at the forefront of marketing, but not so much because of their apt slogans; their core demographic/userbase are the exact people who strive for more-than-perfection, to achieve beyond what was previously known.  If anything, it is Red Bull's sponsorship of special individuals and production of experiential events (redundant?), providing a forum for "ideas" to be showcased/exhibited.  These events literally push whatever sport/craft/art form forward by nature of allowing the world to see The Best of The Best, and allowing the public to see people and things they never even knew existed.

Two examples:

The event in 2005 () singlehandedly cemented:

- Red Bull as a high level partner/sponsor of the art/sport, second only to Adidas in terms of positive association with breakdancing, but clearly the only big intl brand willing to sponsor/fund the entire event's production; 

- BC One as a premier international bboy event, at a time when international travel was just becoming commonplace for top bboys/competitors.  The format of a single raised ring, top class lighting, a prominent host (Rahzel, of course), the kind of celebration of bboying, streedance, and hip hop that we'd all been craving for.- Media coverage, internet presence, and archival video as being as important as the event itself, ie. the 360 degree rotating camerawork, slow-motion, live web streaming, became established from this event. 

and this was before the rise of Youtube and HD video and the iPhone.  So you can extrapolate now.  (Currently the Red Bull All Stars bboy team consists of the leading young practitioners in the world.)


represent newer/emerging, globally recognized events/programs, in the hip hop culture sphere.  Personally interesting to me, as I applied to one of their pilot programs before, Red Bull Beat Riders -  Didn't get in.  


oh I guess I could've wiki'd it:


Wow. That is a whole lot of expert marketing. WOW!

Top 3 most retweeted tweets of all time:

3. Justin Bieber RIP tweet - 200k retweets:

2. Obama second term tweet - 800k retweets. 

1. Ellen Oscar selfie - 3.5mm retweets:

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