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Coke Gets Hacked And Doesn’t Tell Anyone - Bloomberg

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Begun, the Drone and Hacking wars, have.

I think it's wrong to withhold information about hacking from investors.

Coca-Cola, the world’s largest soft-drink maker, has never publicly disclosed the loss of the Huiyuan information, despite its potential effect on the deal. It is just one in a global barrage of corporate computer attacks kept secret from shareholders, regulators, employees -- and in some cases even from senior executives.

This is material to the future of the company. Withholding it is a breach of transparency.

They must have felt a strong incentive to withhold this information, as they were not the only one.

The more interesting thing to me was that a) they tried to buy a Chinese company b) they were hacked, and the acquisition fell apart.

What is China up to?

What is China the government up to? Good question.

 anyone know Coke people?  itSoftware could help a lot for this sort of thing.

I don't know anyone there but if I ever do I will refer you.