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Two LOL points.

1. Nick Bilton is now "we" in "Silicon Valley."

2 "There is no drama in Silicon Valley."

Ugh; I guess he didn't get the memo. For a journalist, he seems to have his own reality distortion field:

 For what it's worth, when I met Nick Bilton, he was at a bar drinking alcohol. With other notable "silicon valley" elite like MG Siegler. Clearly, in front of a computer, monotonously typing.

I can't tell if these folks are satire or not, but man, the comeuppance and self-importance of folks in the valley is unbearable. 

 Which folks in the valley?

 The ones who don't write code pretending all people do is write code 18-hours-a-day manically trying to "change the world," and "work on hard stuff."

Oddly enough, it is mostly folks like Kevin Rose, Alexia Tsotis, Nick Bilton, MG Siegler, Mike Arrington who are writing these kinds of things and articles.

The people, ironically, who are not even in the arena.

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