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FACT: Obama loves Halo.

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Brace yourselves. Photoshop is coming...

Obama Loves Halo

Light sabers:

Obama Jedi light sabers

The creation of Adam:

Obama meme the creation of Adam

Obama and Red Bull Space Jump guy Felix Baumgartner:

Obama and Red Bull Space Jump guy Felix Baumgartner

 Just watched Episode III. That's scary pic.

 The acting is horrendous; the plot is terrible, the script is boring. I used to really like this film; like all dogs go to heaven, watching it when older makes it awful.

Thank God Disney is going to remake this. 

McKayla is not impressed.

McKayla is not Impressed.

Grumpy Cat IS impressed.

Obama Grumpy Cat meme

What is up with you and your disturbing photos posting today, lol? 

I just love the expression on Obama's face.

I wonder what the context of the original photo is.

Haha. Maybe the photo itself is photoshopped? He looks like Darth Sidiuos.  

The photo is real.

This is shopped:

Obama light sabers lightning gif


Obama upvote reddit karma

I've been collecting Halo 4 memes, too. Enjoy.

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