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"I see. And how did that make you feel?" ~Psychology Frog

 I see And how did that make you feel Psychology Frog

Source: Rage LOL

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Tell me about your problems.

He really looks like a good listener.

Now, tell me more about your life.


Don't tell him a story that'll bore him to death - he'll croak.

That's right, Julian. Keep it lively! :)

The more I look at him, the more I feel he truly wants to listen.

He does have the look of wanting to listen. :)

I love this therapist!  The empathy is astounding.  The projection by us, even more so.  Cute!

I would definitely see a frog therapist if one is available.

Me too.  He seems to invite honesty and yet, exudes optimism. Like, the answer to every instance of that question would be "Terrible.  But not anymore."

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