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And if the GOP Doesn't Win (Cont.) - James Fallows - The Atlantic

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why not just solve other problems for America as its elected leaders?

As an indicator of steering currents, here is an editorial tonight titled "Crush Them," from the National Review online, published a few hours before the polls were to open.

Conservatives have a rare opportunity tomorrow to do something they signally failed to do in the landslide elections of 1972 and 1984: finish the job....

It's not enough for the GOP to win tomorrow. It needs to win big, a win so convincing that even the Left won't be able to explain it away. The definition of victory in war is not a 50.1 percent majority that allows the other side to keep fighting -- it's the battleship Missouri, on whose deck the losing side signs articles of capitulation. The modern Left -- the unholy spawn of '30s gangland and '60s academic Marxism -- must be forced to its knees in surrender.

And if the scene tomorrow night is not of Messrs. Obama, Biden, Reid, et al on their knees in surrender, accompanied by Ms. Pelosi -- if the concession speech is coming from the other side and Mitch McConnell is left not with control of the Senate but with the obstructionist tool of the filibuster -- if any of that happens, I really will be interested to see how this branch of the right-wing movement "explains away" its situation and considers how the party can re-position itself.

Wow... This is wonderful... makes me all bleary eyed.... what a dream that day would be... 

except it's never ever going to fucking happen and pining for it just sends conservatism further down the hole of irrelevance... *sigh*

I wonder how he's going to deal with the fact that the majority of Americans are against his point of view, and the trend indicates that his point of view may not come back anytime soon.

We are a long way from 1972 and 1984. There are no landslides anymore.

 If the GOP doesn't run Rubio on the ticket in 2016, it'll be a landslide. Democrat lawyers will go to town against the Voter ID laws; blacks, latinos, will vote in record numbers.

The GOP will have to have a serious heart to heart -- or disenfranchise millions of voters -- if it'll ever want to win an election 2016 and after,.

Ryan/Rubio 2016? 

The GOP nomination is  Jindahl's for the taking whenever he feels like taking it.  It was true this year, it will still be true in 2016.  A very successful, very popular, very non-white governor from the South... Electoral candy.

 And Rubio is an empty shirt... 

 He has an impressive resume: . In 2007 I questioned whether Dems (specifically Latinos) would elect a black man over a white woman? Even folks who campaigned for now-Pres Obama in the beginning did not believe he could win. Will the "right" get behind an Indian first generation American? I can't say in my gut that I believe they would prefer him, over a Latino like Marco Rubio. 

Whatever the case, 2016 is far away , and even though political operatives are surely preparing for the next election, I for one am glad that most of the vehement and vitriolic dialogue should die down for the next several months.

Without hesitation... and even the Klan type racists would say he's an Aryan, so it'd be okay... lol

 And Marco Rubio is a name, but an empty shirt... there are plenty of Latino GOP office holders with genuine credibility, like Susana Martinez.

 Call me crazy, maybe, but Rubio *looks* more Presidential. (ref. Oct. 1 Denver debate, where Romney *looked* Presidential to voters.


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