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Weed... Weed and Gay Marriage everywhere...

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Election Day 2012 not only re-elected Obama but legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, and legalized Gay Marriage in Maryland and Maine.

So of course Facebook statuses today were full of weed and gay marriage.

Woody from Toy Story does not look happy.

Buzz Lightyear looks VERY happy.

Almost as happy as Kumar dancing with his dimebag...

Kumar dancing marijuana gif

Fist bump!

fist bump gif

Brace yourselves. Here come the marijuana memes...

"I gotta stay here and smoke this weed. Otherwise I won't get high." ~Harold and Kumar

wafflebot gif

wafflebot gif

wafflebot gif

wafflebot gif

wafflebot gif

wafflebot gif

"You smell something?" "Sorry, I just passed grass."

Colorado marijuana grass meme

hipster quits smoking pot because legal

 If you've ever been to Boulder or a Rock Mountain ski resort, you'd think that marijuana had already been legal in Colorado...

Isn't that why they call them the Denver Nuggets?

Denver Nuggets logo marijuana

Denver truly is the Mile High City...


Knock-knock. Who's there? Gay rights, Womens' rights, and this bald eagle motherfucker. And some weed.

Knock-knock. Who's there? Gay rights, Womens' rights, and this bald eagle, motherfucker. And some weed.

Our top story: Marijuana is legal in Quahog. And it's made everything... just SO great.

Family Guy marijuana legal

Everything's better with a bag of weed.

So say Brian and Stewie:

Brian and Stewie -- bag of weed gif

 There are no cats in america. :)

Legalize Gay Marijuana!

Legalize Gay Marijuana

"That is Northern Lights, Cannabis Indica." "No, it's marijuana."

The Office Marijuana Dwight FALSE Northern Lights Cannabis

To recap the 2012 election: First Asian-American woman elected to Senate, first Hindu Congresswoman, first openly gay Senator, gay marriage legalized in a few states, first WoW-level-68 state senator, vague possibility of Puerto Rico becoming a state, and recreational marijuana officially legal in Colorado and Washington.

Feels like progress. Time to kick back and enjoy some Hot Pockets.

Obama Hey Colorado pass that shit to the left

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