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The 2012 Election Results and What They Mean for "Evangelical Christian America" | Cerulean Sanctum

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"The demographics of America continue to flex, and this is what the election results tell us about who is really in charge:Women18-45 years of ageNonwhiteUrban (or college town)Non-EvangelicalThat demographic pwned all others and gave Barack Obama four more years. Today, we understand that the conservative white male has been consigned to the dust bin of American history. Any idea that such people run this country is now passé. Given trends in overall demographics within the United States, this will not reverse itself—ever."

Print this out and publish it on the website and in every bulletin of every evangelical Christian church in America, and perhaps finally, we can start a rational, civil, and intellectually honest discourse with the 78% of white, christian conservative evangelicals who voted for Romney.

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