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Are 80% of Harvard students first-born children?

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Informal study but interesting. Any Harvard people want to confirm or deny this? :)

My first-born brother is an alum! :) And of my friends who went there undergrad, I think all are only or eldest children. OLDEST KIDS GET EVERYTHING, DAMN THEM (sniffle).

Every Harvard alum I know is also a first kid. Except when all the kids went to Harvard.

As an old kid that didn't get everything, I will say that if your parents are lower middle class when you grow up but upper middle class when your siblings grow up, you can have a very different experience than your siblings.

I saw my parents a lot less than my siblings did. Made me more independent and risk-taking.

I sent some emails to Crimson friends and responses are definitely leaning toward the theory vs against... :)

First borns are more likely to start companies:

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