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Places to find a list of all the VC's in Silicon Valley?

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I've been trying to find something like this. Any suggestions? I'd love to find a list of all the VC's and the market sectors they invest in.


There are a LOT of venture capital firms. I personally have come in contact with hundreds of them.

Wikipedia has an incomplete list, but it's a decent place to start:


Forbes also has an incomplete list, but they curate for who they believe to be the best:

The most comprehensive list I've seen was compiled in 2007 (so it does not include a few new firms such as a16z):

We could compile our own list as a formatted response in THIS CONVO!

That will be a good idea, and easier to do once editing features roll out. It would be even better if multiple people could edit together, but I'm reluctant to re-invent the Wiki yet again.

The NVCA maintains a list of current NVCA members, i.e., firms that pay their dues to the NVCA. This is a sort of superset of VCs. WAVC (the Western Association of Venture Capitalists) has a list of firms in the Valley. Again, these are firms that pay WAVC dues. Neither website lists firm interests, but frankly, what you really want is a list of interests at the PARTNER level. Neither site also indicates which firms are currently investing (have capital to invest). The Funded actually has some of that information; on its site, there is an area that discusses firms that haven't made a new investment in a year which is a good proxy for who's out of the market.

Thanks for the helpful information, Lara.

So would there be value in us creating a list of active partners, as Lucas and Jonathan suggested?

Yes, there would. To my knowledge, no such list exists. You have to go to a few places as well as our own respective knowledge to compile it.

Great resources, Lara. Thanks! I've been thinking about hiring a virtual assistant to help me compile at least the list of VC's and Partners. If I do that, I'll post an update in this convo.

I can help fill in which partners focus on what and whether or not a fund is in market.

BusinessInsider just published a list of Venture Capitalists at their conference in New York:

Although this is not all VCs in Silicon Valley, it's a good list to start from. :)

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