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OK Cupid: An Exploration Into Just How Low Some Guys Will Go

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Oh, dudes.

"So, by reading that bio you would assume most guys steered clear right? No. Not at all. Within 6 hours, my profile had been viewed over 400 times and 39 guys had messaged me."

You're right. So sad.

That number would be far more interesting if you knew the view:message ratio for a profile with an equivalent photo and a less stupid bio. I don't know if OK Cupid charges per pickup line, but a less than 10% hit-on ratio sounds like it might be low for an attractive woman in internet dating.

OkCupid has done some interesting "research" with their users: 

 Nope, just human. 

The photo appears to be an attractive woman. So the men were messaging just one of hundreds of attractive women. What's worse is she messaged them back as if they wouldn't reply, no matter how ridiculous. 

A man could do the reverse and treat a woman like dirt and still sleep with her and we'd say "this shows how low woman will go?"

Both women and men will go to any length to feel security, comfort, and have their sexual desires met.

How low <i>some</i> women would go. Everyone makes relationship decisions based on whatever it is they want, but there's a reason why there's therapists who devote time and energy into uncovering the whys and looking for "cures" for what are unhealthy relationships. 

Liz, agreed, not everyone will go that low.

Sub-literate people need love too!

 Wait is the conclusion here that men like attractive women? I mean, surely I didn't need a 2500 word essay to get to that conclusion. 

We can debate its merits or whatever. Men are attracted to the same kind of woman, the world over; if they already have attraction, why would they care about anything else? 

Most men and women make relationship decisions because they feel some level of attraction and ignore the qualities they don't like.

I guess that makes them human

 Not all men are attracted to the same kind of woman, otherwise as a species we'd be fairly homogeneous. 

What you say about people making relationship decisions based on some level of attraction is true, but I'd like to hope that it really doesn't boil down to merely physical attraction.

These are initial attractions; it's hard to read deeper into it than that.

I have cousins that write like this. The author may want to use a photo of an "unattractive" woman and compare.