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Tetris is a metaphor for Soviet Russia

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From the article:

Tetris was invented exactly when and where you would expect — in a Soviet computer lab in 1984 — and its game play reflects this origin. The enemy in Tetris is not some identifiable villain (Donkey Kong, Mike Tyson, Carmen Sandiego) but a faceless, ceaseless, reasonless force that threatens constantly to overwhelm you, a churning production of blocks against which your only defense is a repetitive, meaningless sorting. It is bureaucracy in pure form, busywork with no aim or end, impossible to avoid or escape. And the game’s final insult is that it annihilates free will. Despite its obvious futility, somehow we can’t make ourselves stop rotating blocks.

I thought Tetris was a metaphor for heaven and hell:

Tetris heaven

Tetris hell

Beating Tetris:

The only way to win is not to play. :)

Are Tetris pieces made by cutting up other video game characters?!

Tetris funny

See also Tetris World:

In Soviet Union, blocks rotate YOU.

in soviet russia, tetris play YOU

Tetris was essential to completing the periodic table.

Tetris periodic table

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