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Ev Williams Takes To Medium To Discuss The True Purpose Of His New Publishing Tool | TechCrunch

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What's obvious is how dumb this idea is.

One person, Dustin Curtis, has built a more compelling software, design, and content offering.

Less than a year later, Medium is everywhere and Svbtle is nowhere to be found.

What don't you like about Medium? The design?

 The hype to utility factor is grossly out of whack. 

I don't like Medium because Sbvtle seems to be more missional and better executed at being a well-designed publishing stack. 

I've read a bunch of articles or essays or whatever they call it and they all suck. They're just fluff pieces.

People can write that crap anywhere on the internet; if you want to be a publishing platform, you'll need for people to get real.

When the shite gets real, people will flock to it. See Facebook (early days) and Twitter.

Medium got a lot better.

And the content people are writing on Medium got a lot better, too.

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