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Bring back the 40-hour work week

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150 years of research proves that long hours at work kill profits, productivity and employees

Any insights into why the 40-hour work week went away?

Is it mostly that we push ourselves too much, or that our bosses demand too much?

This paragraph on sleep loss resonates with me:

The other thing about knowledge workers is that they’re exquisitely sensitive to even minor sleep loss. Research by the US military has shown that losing just one hour of sleep per night for a week will cause a level of cognitive degradation equivalent to a .10 blood alcohol level. Worse: most people who’ve fallen into this state typically have no idea of just how impaired they are. It’s only when you look at the dramatically lower quality of their output that it shows up. Robinson writes: “If they came to work that drunk, we’d fire them — we’d rightly see them as a manifest risk to our enterprise, our data, our capital equipment, us and themselves. But we don’t think twice about making an equivalent level of sleep deprivation a condition of continued employment.”

It's really, really important to get enough sleep.

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