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USC Song Girls 2009

USC Song Girls hot Erin cheerleader Imgur

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Reddit 2015:

People keep asking who the woman in front is. Reddit research from CaffeinateGuy:

Need a second opinion. Is this her?

I know it seems like magic, but this is how I found it.

Honestly, I was just trying to find the girl's name.

Got to this page, and she's the girl on the right from the 2009 crew, but there's no link to names.

This page lists first names. Damn, I'm bad at matching faces, but I think the girl is Emily.

Then I found this, and considered Erin to be a match. Then I realized I had no idea what I was doing.

USC Song Girls are dancers not cheerleaders. Like Alex Gaudino featuring Crystal Waters:

Remember: USC Song Girls are not cheerleaders.

USC Song Girl hot Imgur

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They're an important part of USC's football spirit.

USC Song Girls Hot Cheerleader Squad

They are the number 1 cheer squad in America.

USC song girl cheerleader hot ass gif

Not sure about all their moves though.

Usc song girls cheerleaders hot asses coedbc

2:21 might be the photo on top of this page:

Not in uniform:

USC song girls bikinis hot

In uniform:

USC Song Girls have spirit!

USC Song Girls hot Football Trojans Hot Cheerleaders 2012

The 2012 Song Girls Squad:

The road to becoming a USC Song Girl is long and difficult. Each member has had extensive dance training in jazz and ballet. Many have been dancing since childhood, and most were song leaders or cheerleaders in high school.

Unlike other college cheer teams, the Song Girls are primarily a dance squad.

The emphasis is on personality and presence, while the actual cheering is left to the USC Spirit Leaders.

USC song girls hot cheerleaders

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