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Here's Why Ruby On Rails Is Hot - Business Insider

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What's the best OO programming language to learn first?

 Which ever one you're the most interested in...

Good answer. The main limiting factor is the person's own interest.

 First I thought this was a silly article-- RoR was hot, now it's kinda everywhere, and DJango looks to be the next Python

Second, neither Django or RoR are languages, they are frameworks, built on Pythnon and Ruby, respectivly

third I'm not a programmer, so I have no business talking about any of this, but it doesnt' stop me

and fourth, possibly more importantly is what I do know: I used to think what language your product was built didn't matter, as long as it wasn't a stupid one (and arguably RoR's is, it's got inherent scaling issues.) But then I found who you hire is very much connected to what you program in. If you program in .net, you get one kind of programmer, you build in java you get another, you build RoR you get a third. Picking a language is dependent on your cofounder, but if you are lucky enough to have a cofounder whose flexible pick a language from which community you wish to hire. 

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