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Massoud Hassani - Wind-Powered Child's Toy Evolves Into Low-Cost Minesweeper Minefield Clearing Machine

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It costs $1,200 to clear a single landmine. But Afghan designer Massoud Hassani has created a device that costs just €40 (roughly $51 U.S.), needs only wind power to operate, and can clear two or three mines in a single trip. In the video above, you can see how his elegant design for the Mine Kafon was inspired by a childhood spent navigating minefields in Afghanistan, and how a simple child’s toy acted as the catalyst for an invention that could change the world.

Sergey, this mine sweeper is amazing.

Mine clearing line charge in Afghanistan. - Imgur

Massoud Hassani - This man deserves a peace prize.

There are over 110 million anti-personnel land mines scattered across 70 countries.

Many of these mines have been underground for +30 years, and still remain active.

Massoud Hassani has developed a cheap, effective method to combat this devastating problem.

His 'Mine Kafon' is a cheap, light, wind-powered mine detonating device.

It's composed almost entirely from bamboo and biodegradable plastics.

At 70 kilograms, his invention is light enough to be propelled by a normal breeze, while still being heavy and big enough to act.


Man, this gets me every time.

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