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6 Ways To Smash Your Creative Block And Launch Your Dream Project | Fast Company

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3 and 4 are most important to me:


Every artist and entrepreneur is different. Our personalities and styles define our work. Each of us needs to find out where we enter our creative zone of genius and where we do our best work. Take time to find your sacred space and figure out how you work. Do you do your best work first thing in the morning, or late at night? Are you alone at your apartment or with a group at a co-working space? What type of music (if any) is playing? Are you drinking tea or a glass of red wine? When you enter your zone, turn off your phone and don’t check your email or Facebook--it’s time to be creative, not to waste time.


Launching your dream project takes time. You have to schedule blocks for your work, but most importantly: You have to avoid doing other things. Over the last three months, I’ve said no to friends wanting to meet for coffee, colleagues asking for help on projects, and even other writing opportunities. It’s difficult to say no, but you’re not being rude, you’re being honest. Your plate is simply too full. Others will be grateful for your honesty, they’ll respect your dedication to your work, and best of all, they’ll even offer to help.

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