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If You're Too Busy to Meditate, Read This - Peter Bregman - Harvard Business Review

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Amen to this:

Research shows that an ability to resist urges will improve your relationships, increase your dependability, and raise your performance. If you can resist your urges, you can make better, more thoughtful decisions. You can be more intentional about what you say and how you say it. You can think about the outcome of your actions before following through on them.

Our ability to resist an impulse determines our success in learning a new behavior or changing an old habit. It's probably the single most important skill for our growth and development.

As it turns out, that's one of the things meditation teaches us. It's also one of the hardest to learn.

It's easier and more reliable to create an environment that supports your goals than it is to depend on willpower.

However, sometimes, we do need to rely on plain, old-fashioned, self-control.

A minute to learn, a lifetime to master. 

You can't ever go wrong with meditation - it bring balance to life that is yes, very hard to master

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