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Emma Watson vs Kristen Stewart

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Emma Watson cries at the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie.

Kristen Stewart also has a deep sadness about Twilight ending.

This chart should help with understanding each woman's emotional state:

Emma Watson Kristen Stewart emotion chart

Kristen Stewart emotion chart

Kristen Stewart and emotions?

Emma Watson LOL gif

Yes, we're beating pwnies.

Beating Dead Horse gif Beating Dead Horse gif

Emma vs Kristen? Why not Emma AND Kristen? AND another Emma!

emma watson kristen stewart

 Witch vs. Vampire.  Vampires don't have human emotions.

Some vampires have human emotions. Look at True Blood!

 True that; I'll concede.  And some humans have vampire characteristics.  :-/

Still, Emma Watson has strong magic. She can make Kristen Stewart SMILE:

Now THAT'S wizardry! - Imgur