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Holidays for startups

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Memorial Day weekend reminds me: what holidays do most startups take?

The Moz takes that, removes Vet Day and Columbus day, and adds your birthday, Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve.

Friday after Thanksgiving is a really good one to add/switch.

Federal holidays for startups? Hahahaha!

That's pretty much the answer in the Quora thread, too, modulo MLK, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day.

Tangental: My favorite perk of working at Apple was that I get paid holiday from Christmas to New Years. Awesome perk when you relocate from the other side of the country and have family you'd like to see during these times. :)

Thanksgiving week is also an unofficial paid week off as well. Also very awesome to be with family, then.

Oh good link Laura! I think we did that list minus Presidents Day...

Presidents Day is weaksauce. Sometimes I'd use my vacation days for an actual, you know, holy day, but otherwise, yes that was our list.

I do wonder if Quora will let us link to this conversation from the comments of that answer page... Seems to me that we will be cross inking regularly.

After stewing on it, I'd go with the federal holidays (minus Vet's and Columbus day) add your birthday (or optionally, the day after your birthday), add the whole week of thanksgiving, and also shutdown from Dec 24th thru Jan 2nd.

In general, I just don't want people to have to travel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  It's a surprisingly stressful holiday already.  Monday and Tuesday are much nicer travel days, and also the extended vacay means travelers can return on Saturday, rather than Sun/Mon.

Many startups see reduced traffic during the December time frame (esp social networks, edu).  Obviously this scheme wouldn't apply to startups who get heavy traffic during the end of the year, such as travel or retail startups...

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