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No no no not that way! Chuck stops car sliding in snow.

No no no not that way Chuck stops car sliding in snow

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Car in snow, what R U doing, car in snow, STAHP !!!

Fun in reverse:

sliding car in snow gif

More about Chuck stops the car sliding on snow:

Front wheels turning at the last second definitely help.

Everyone's yell of disbelief makes the video:

Edward couldn t have done it better

Kathie, ha ha! I concur... :)

Better -- World Record Parallel Parking:

World Record Parallel Parking gif

That's tight parking! Watch the video.


lucky guy - Imgur

Can also be done with a tricycle:

Tricycle parallel park gif

This boy learned well, too:

boy parallel parks toy car gif

ahh great thread!

Yeah! I'm always looking for more gifs like this.

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