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Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt Would Be a Great Batman for Justice League

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While Justice League isn’t scheduled to come out until 2015, the idea of Gordon-Levitt playing Batman is intriguing. Assuming DC Comics’ cinematic universe stays on the dark, hyper-realistic path that’s been set forth by Nolan’s Batman trilogy — and echoed in the little bit of Zack Snyder’s Superman that we’ve seen in early Man of Steel footage, Gordon-Levitt is a good choice to wear the Batsuit. He’s well known enough that audiences won’t go “Joseph Gordon-Who?” but not so high-wattage that he’d be a poor counterbalance to someone like Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Multiple places are reporting that JGL is the frontrunner for Batman. Sweet.

 Ugh. This is not good news. Adding JGL -- or anyone from the Nolanverse -- will only taint the entire Dark Knight trilogy. 

Bad, bad, bad idea. 

Who else will star in this Justice League? Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern? 

The idea of The Dark Knight trilogy is that Bruce lives in a world where superheroes do not exist. In other words, he lives in our world. To cross-pollinate these creations is to tarnish the whole. In this case, the whole is less than the sum of its parts.

 Zack Snyder's Superman is being produced by Christopher Nolan and Syncopy Films. So it's still Nolanverse. If Nolan is not on board the Justice League project, the Nolanverse's Superman and Batman shan't be a part.

Also, to add JGL taints the entire Dark Knight Rises finale, because it would seem then as if the studio, Warner Brothers,forced creative control over Christopher Nolan solely so they could make more movies.

Foul, foul, foul taint.

Any chance Nolan will sign up for this?

He has sad no, but -- and I hate to keep making a comparison that myriads of others are wont to do  -- he is similar to another very secretive innovator; Nolan may say one thing and then do the opposite. Or say at the moment he had no intentions, and then change his mind. They said they wouldn't do a third dark knight movie...unless the right plot came to them. Nolan and his wife and brother and team that have been with him for 10 years, also promised that Miranda Tate was patently not Talia....

So the right answer is, we don't know ...he's unpredictable, because he keeps his cards close to his chest. 

I don't think he will. As you've noted, his movies are dark. What made Avengers Avengers was that it was light-hearted, silly, and very fun. Same goes for Amazing Spiderman. 

Batman and Superman have always been dark, so there's a perfect grittiness to them that works...

Also, I don't think they have enough characters. Marvel/Disney rushed through Hulk, Captain America, Thor movies in addition to the keystone Ironman so they could have a movie to put together.

Four main characters had gotten a movie, with side additions of Scarlett Johannson and Jeremy Renner.

OK, here's another issue. The whole Dark Knight series is intricately linked to Batman and his love of Gotham. It's personal. How do you get that sense with a large-scale film with multiple super heroes. The more super heroes, the bigger the foe has to be. 

Dark Knight was a fight for gotham, Avengers was an alien fight for the world.

Which of these fits into illusory realism of Nolanverse?

BTW, I'm the biggest justice league cartoon fan in the world. I've watched the brilliant animated series too many times to count....but perhaps a thing always seems impossible until the moment it becomes inevitable....they said Cloud Atlas couldn't be made into a movie.

And it was done.

SO we shall see.

I weep that they chose Ben Affleck instead of JGL.