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Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart: X-Men: Days Of Future Past

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This is a convoluted sounding name.

Bad title but excellent that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are coming back.

 Agreed. It's amazing how quickly Ian McKellen became world-famous from just two franchises: X-Men and LOTR.

Clearly, Gandalf and Magneto are two important 20th century fiction characters. 

I like that in one he is the hero's aid, and in the other his foil.

Patrick Stewart is such an obvious Professor X; he's exactly what you'd imagine him to be from the comics. 

 I do think it's odd they are bringing them in now...after having re-watched X-Men the hugh jackman/patrick stewart ones, it seems that there are two distinct story lines specifically of the magneto/professor X relationship between X-men: First Class and the earlier 2000s ones.

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