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Why don’t Americans walk more? The crisis of pedestrianism. - Slate Magazine

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Tom Vanderbilt writes about the changes in walking behavior and designing better walking spaces in cities for Slate.

The average American takes 5,117 steps a day. Australians: 9,695; Japan 7,168. Amish Canadians walk 18,000+ steps a day.

Pedestrians have been found to take evasive action anywhere from 2 to 17 feet ahead of a stationary or moving obstacle.

If a subway has five flights of stairs only 4% of people will take the stairs.

Walking on escalators is banned in Japan!

Very surprised that the Aussies walk so much! I thought they were a car culture like us. Also surprised the Japanese walk relatively less... every photo montage of Japan on TV shows people walking through the streets of Tokyo.

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