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Dear guys at the gym: Windows at night have reflections. This means that I can in fact see you pointing at me and laughing.

Dear guys at the gym Windows at night have reflections This means that I can in fact see you pointing at me and laughing


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She does deserve props for that.

There is hope. Don't let the bastards grind you down!

she almost motivated ME to go to the gym.... almost.

This comment makes more sense coming from me than coming from you, Lucas. 

I do believe it was the wise Sir Mix-a-lot who believed those who like big butts can not lie, those guys are just big fat liars is all.

You are correct, madam.

It may be FB, but I'll allow it! +1 for an amazing sister!

wow, now, this is self confidence. thanks, girl, you motivated me to not give a fuck about other's opinion and start a change in my life.

If by words you mean "knuckles"

I actually have rules in place in our club policy that forbids anyone from behaving like they did. Technically, I could kick them out pt.1

When i see a bigger person at the gym working out, i'm always happy for them for trying, because i was in that situation once :)

Have them banned, and demand the remaining amount owing on their memberships due in full.

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