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Tumblr is about empowering creativity and self-expression, not hoarding.

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Source is Ryan Kim at Gigaom:

"We are one of the few tech companies that cares about creators. We are not trying to build a network but we’re giving people a way to express themselves . I’m hoping in the next one or two years, we will prove we are company that is bent on helping them do great shit,” Tumblr founder David Karp said.

While Tumblr has grown tremendously, the new hot social service is Pinterest, a site where people can pin images to their wall. Karp said that Pinterest fits into a longer history of curation online that goes back to gathering links. But he said this type of “hoarding” of pictures isn’t what interests him. He said he’s looking to help users build their identity through self-expression and creativity.

“Pinterest isn’t creating an identity that represents people. The design is the same, every page looks the same,” he said. “It’s easier to help people hoard or aggregate but there’s more to it than that and I think a lot of people are underserved today.”

I'm left wondering if creativity and curation are as different as Karp thinks.

Both are forms of self-expression.

Poignant/Important distinctions noted above.  Also, I keep getting repinned by middle-aged white women who look like they have no business having online identities.  Which is what I feel like much of Pinterest's base is.. haha.

I think many of them don't realize that what they pin and repin is public.


Why ouch?

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