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Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. ~Bruce Lee

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The difficult path is often the best path.

What we need is the patience, the courage, and the constitution to survive the struggle.

In giving we receive and in forgiving we are forgiven.

Be kind, for everyone is enduring a difficult struggle.

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I love this quote. 

Do not pray for an easy life

Do not pray for an easy life

Do not pray for an easy life

Do not pray for an easy life

My friend Mary and I had a very interesting discussion regarding this quote.  Thanks!

You're very welcome. It is one of his best quotes. 

I love this stash:

Yes, it was interesting that Mary was so adamant that yes, she thinks it IS best to pray for an easy life!  Nothing I said seem to move her!  I wonder what I could have possibly said to encourage her to reconsider?

Ask her why she thinks an easy life is better.

Listen to why she believes it -- listen for the source of her belief. 

Keep trying.

keep trying gif

I love this quote. Reminds me of my grandmother cautioning me not to pray for patience, because I'd be given the trials necessary to build that patience.  I guess the Irish are a bit fatalist in that regard. 

That's a really good point. Patience requires walking a tempestuous path.

Those who pray for an easy path will inevitably be disappointed. They will be disappointed if they don't get it. They will be even more disappointed if they do - because they will find that it's not what they imagined it to be. I enjoy these ancient words of wisdom:Suffering produces perseverance.Perseverance produces character.Character produces hope.Without suffering and difficulty, we can't develop one of the most vital of human qualities - hope.

Well said, Rich. Perseverance is hard to earn because it takes faith and time.

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