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"The best time to start a company is always two years ago, and the next best time is now."

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That line is courtesy of Caterina Fake, who is starting her third company.

Since none of us have access to a time machine, now is the time.

I think I'll create a startup that makes time machines, that way I can do both of the above.

If it were possible for you to invent a time machine, the future you would have already time traveled back to now to show you how to make a time machine.

Is it considered the grandfather paradox if you use time travel to teach yourself how to master time travel?

If you build me a time machine, I'll remember to thank you later. Or earlier if you prefer.

Doesn't traveling from Australia to California make you go back a day across the international timeline?

I know, that's not quite the same thing. ;)

It does, but you get to spend all of the extra day in a cramped airline seat so it's not really a win. To prepare for the oncoming bubble I am reading Boo Hoo, the story of I think with some bubble 1.0 assistance I can figure out how to spend time on Concordes and get more of that extra day.

... of course convincing somebody to get a Concorde airborne in 2011 might be harder and more expensive than it was in 1999.

In her post Caterina mentions and references Chris Dixon's article on Founder/Market Fit.

Founder/market fit means the founders have a deep understanding of the market they are entering, and are people who “personify their product, business and ultimately their company.”

Chris Dixon adds, "Founders should realize that a startup is an endeavor that generally lasts many years. You should fit your market not only because you understand it, but because you love it — and will continue to love it as your product and market change over time."

Nick Sullivan just threw a party for time travelers.

Sorry if you missed it.

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