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The 5 Best Car Chase Movies of All Time

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The Best Car Chase Movies of All Time

I'm so happy to see the Blues Brothers on your list!

Want to see a 1974 Dodge Monaco evade hundreds of police officers, do huge jumps, flip through the air and even fly? Good, I thought so.

This movie has some of the best stunt driving you’ll see, some of it unrealistic, all of it fantastic and hilarious. The Blues Brothers drive their “Bluesmobile” (literally) through a mall, run a Nazi parade off a bridge into a river and cause the second biggest pile up shot on film. This production held the world record for the largest number of cars destroyed during filming, a record only broken by this film’s own sequel in 1998.

The last 30 minutes alone are legendary for the ridiculous amount of destruction caused during the chase, you’ll be laughing at just how much mayhem these brothers cause.

I could watch this over and over!

Wouldn't be a proper list without it!

I'm still trying to get some 20somethings to watch Blues Brothers for the first time...

Lol, I was ready to be offended and contradict, but they nailed it.....there are a few others worth honorable mention, but I'll have to do some R&D watching awesome movies!

I have to put in a vote for a really old movie with Gene Hackman, the French Connection.  I believe this was the first movie to have a car chase under the tracks of an elevated train, in this case through the densely-populated Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn.  They shot at full speed, not entirely legally, with real people on the streets!  I like Ronin but the car chase there is really about the beauty of a car carving arcs through some of the most beautiful parts of a beautiful city.  The chase in The French Connection might not count because the car is doing the chasing, not the one being chased... but I think there's no doubt that it's still the most real-feeling, and the most expressive of Popeye Doyle's reckless tunnel-vision.

Just looking at the title, I thought to myself that Ronin better be in there.  I was not disappointed...  A really solid list overall.  

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