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What to look for in a teacher or mentor ...

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Eric Barker at writes:

Most great teachers / coaches / mentors do not give long-winded speeches.

They do not give sermons or long lectures. Instead, they give short, unmistakably clear directions; they guide you to a target…

Teaching is not an eloquence contest; it is about creating a connection and delivering useful information.

Eric also says:

Great teachers are first and foremost learners, who improve their skills with each passing year.

Look for perseverance (“grit“) in their resume. And don’t ignore how happy they are. Life satisfaction was an even better predictor than perseverance:

What did predict success, interestingly, was a history of perseverance—not just an attitude, but a track record…Those who initially scored high for “grit”—defined as perseverance and a passion for long-term goals, and measured using a short multiple-choice test—were 31 percent more likely than their less gritty peers to spur academic growth in their students. Gritty people, the theory goes, work harder and stay committed to their goals longer. (Grit also predicts retention of cadets at West Point, Duckworth has found.)

But another trait seemed to matter even more. Teachers who scored high in “life satisfaction”—reporting that they were very content with their lives—were 43 percent more likely to perform well in the classroom than their less satisfied colleagues.

What methods do they use? 

“Explanation, demonstration, imitation, correction, and repetition.”

Break down proper technique, quickly correct errors and get students to repeat until it’s second nature.

Great teachers will often spend entire practice sessions on one seemingly small fundamental.

For example, the way you grip a golf club, or the way you pluck a single note on a guitar.

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