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How Bleacher Report moved from user-generated content to editors and writers:

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Co-founder of Bleacher Report Bryan Goldberg explains in Pando Daily:

We launched in 2007 when “user generated content” was a promising concept, and the experiment didn’t fully work — we responded by removing 90 percent of our writers from the system. Then we started paying writers. Then we brought in people like King to mentor the newest writers. Then we started hiring prominent writers on a full-time basis. Then we started hiring video talent.

This makes a lot of sense. Most user-generated content is not worth reading.

No wonder Bryan says that content is good business. He knows how to make great content.

I can't wait to see what happens to Tumblr as they add "long form content" to their bag of tricks.

It might not be as easy for them BECAUSE they have so much user-generated content already.

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