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Google Glass Will Totally Disrupt These 9 Industries

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My favorite example is health care.

Megan Rose Dickey writes:

Doctors and surgeons could ask Glass for real-time updates of a patient's vital signs. They could also use Glass for educational purposes.

"Imagine this, the surgeon whilst operating can see an overlay of a patients individual anatomy (obtained from pre operative scans) on top of their visual field," Andrew Chow, a surgeon and entrepreneur, posited on Quora. "They therefore know exactly where to cut, exactly where the tumour lies, exactly where to avoid damaging that crucial structure, the position of that blood vessel that's going to cause a lot of blood loss etc. This could have an impact upon patient care and outcomes on so many levels."

Health care

Cool. The other 8 industries potentially disrupted:

1. GPS

2. Hollywood

3. Air travel

4. Construction and home maintenance

5. Guides and tours

6. Education

7. Law enforcement

8. Advertising

Also an interesting concept: Clothing recognition to find your friend in a crowd.

Googler at SJC says any Google employee who wants Glass can get one!


I wonder if that's really true. There are more than 40,000 employees now.

Maybe it's first come, first served?

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