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Why the CIA cloud contract is worth so much more than $600M; the week in cloud — Tech News and Analysis

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Amazing that Amazon beat out IBM, Google, etc., to win the CIA cloud contract:

Amazon, king of public cloud, is not stupid. It sees the appeal private cloud has for workloads with strict regulatory and compliance constraints. I’m convinced — although they haven’t confirmed it –that AWS is building an array of “mini-me” clouds in various localities around the world to meet these needs.

It’s also safe to say that Google, another big public cloud provider with the Google Cloud Platform, has likewise found the private cloud religion and is suiting up for that fight. Microsoft and VMware of course have already staked their private cloud claims.

How Google failed the bid for the CIA Cloud is beyond me. They must not have wanted it.

I loved this: 

A reasonable person would say that a good chunk of the rationale behind IBM’s $2 billion purchase of SoftLayer was to show that IBM is serious about cloud and has all the tools needed to provide private, as well as public cloud capabilities. (IBM/Softlayer were out last week loudly proclaiming their win of the DARPA robot challenge away from AWS.)

What took IBM so long? And where is Open Stack in this race?

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